Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Holiday Weekend

I keep thinking to myself that I had just updated the blog, but now I realize it has been several days. We enjoyed the long weekend. Monday was a holiday, Pentecost, and the kids had no school. We spent a lot of the time enjoying the outdoors, the temperature was perfect this past weekend. Services went well Sunday. I taught the class for our boys and I think it went well. At the end I asked if Caleb understood me and he said he did. Tuesday we sent the papers off to begin the process for our visa (carte de sejour). I am hoping that it will go quickly and smoothly. After we receive our carte de sejour, then we can get our French Drivers license and Angie can get a carte vital, which reimburses medical expenses. This evening I will have my language session with Cédric. I have many questions for him, from the meaning of a song to phrases in my bible study lesson. Tomorrow Caleb has no school because his teachers are on strike. They are going to close his building and combine their classes with Lilia's building. Parents and teachers are worried that it will be too crowded so they are demonstrating against it. We were able this week to meet our next door neighbors officially. They are a young couple from Spain. They often have family and friends stay with them. They speak French, Spanish, Italian, and some English. I hope that we have the opportunity to have them over. Attached pictures are of the kids enjoying this past weekend. Playing a game on family night, enjoying their first banana split, and playing in the sprinkler. God bless, JASON

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Jessica Page said...

Surely you don't mean their first ever banana splits? If that's true, you have been depriving those poor children. lol.