Friday, May 21, 2010


I ended up receiving a call from Cédric on Wednesday and we had our first language session. It was really good, we introduced ourselves. When he was sharing about himslef, he said, "My mother is Christian. Do you know what that means?" Wow. It ends up that his mother is active in the pentecostal church in town. It was great to find out. In fact Cédric mentioned that he wants to get back to attending church and was interested in coming to the bible study at our home. It was exciting and we had a really good talk. Thursday afternoon I went to print some pictures for Angie. She is going to have couple of months where she will want to stay off her feet some, so she wants to work on scrapbooks. I took my portable drive to the store to get some prints made of the pictures. I thought we had about 700 and they had a sale were you could print 100 for $12. I should have realized that I was in trouble when they took one hour to load onto the machine. There were over 5,000 pictures. Needless to say, I decided I needed to go through and prioritize clean and prioritize some. The Bible study was good. Three came and we learned about Faith. Today I am working on the Sunday School lessons for the youngers kids class. Today is a pretty day, it is supposed to get up to 75. The market in town was the busiest I had seen in a while. I will need to get the yard mowed tomorrow, it has been three weeks since the last mowing. Tonight we will have family night and we plan to make banana splits with the kids. So, probably a large part of Saturday morning will be cleaning up the resulting mess. The yard is blooming all over. There is, what I would call bramble, along our back fence that has three different flowering plants mixed in. I have attached a picture, along with some Fennel (a common vegetable) that grows in our yard, and some flowers in the flower garden. Enjoy and God bless, JASON


Giovanna said...

Hello Friend! I had misplaced your email about our daughters being pen pals and then this whole brain cancer thing has been a real time consumer but I located your email and was even more amazed that my wife found your blog! She was working on her blog and ran across yours! This will be a great way to keep up with you and yours. So excited to read that God will be blessing you all with another sweet girl. Our eldest boy was born on Sept. 2nd : ) I will definitely be keeping in touch better now, keep doing what God calls to your heart and you will surely be blessed!

abainfrance said...

Hey good to hear from you. I can imagine that you have been busy. Send me an email when you get a chance we would love to hear how things are going now. I met a chef friend of yours in N. Little Rock and was able to get a brief update. God bless!

Cory Wayne's Brain said...

That's awesome. We'll pray that Cedric comes to know the Lord and is your first member!!!!