Thursday, November 13, 2008

Interesting Facts about France II

*French people get an average of 39 days off from work a year.

*Hiking is the most popular outdoor activity, with 21 million participants.

*Average French person spends 44euros ( $56 current exchange) a year on books.

*Avg. French person consumes and average of 60 litres of wine per year, over 2 millions acres of land are used for vineyards.

*Avg. French person consumes 5.7 kilograms of coffee each year (12.5 lbs).

*Avg. French person drinks an average of 80 cups of tea a year (2000 for English).

*Average French person eats 7 kg of chocolate a year (15.4 lbs).

*Number one car brand in France is Renault (27% of cars sold in France in 2003).

*The French health care system was ranked first worldwide by the World Health Organisation in 1997. Average life expectancy at birth is 79.73 years.

*There are over 5000 restaurants in Paris.

*The education system in France ranks 25th best in the world.

* Pictured is a magpie, very populous bird in France.

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David Wang said...

Very interesting facts...especially the one about tea. 80 cups versus 2000 for the English! What a difference. Do you know what kinds of teas the French like to drink when they do have teas? Any specific or unique types of teas that Americans or English aren't very familiar with?

Chris Miller said...

Chrissy got excited about the chocolate. 5000 restaurants, wow. We could stay pretty busy dining out. I love a good restaurant. I think I may drink more than the average coffee drinker.

abainfrance said...

They share the same kind of tea tastes as the Engish. Earl Grey is a popular type, but there are a lot of different ones available.