Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Interesting Facts about France

*France has the 7th or 8th largest economy in the World (depending on how you measure)
*Minimum wage is €8.27.
*Electric Power production is 78.1% produced by nuclear power generation, 11.1%by hydroelectric power generation, 9.5% produced by fossil feul power generation.
*France is the second largest agricultural exporter after the US
*France has 1/3 of all the agricultural land in the European Union
*France is the most visited country with 82 million visitors a year (only those staying over 24 hrs).
*France is the third largest weapons manufacturer in the world.
*70% of new cars sold in 2004 had diesel engines.
*According to a January 2007 poll by the Catholic World News: 51% identified as being Catholics, 31% identified as being agnostics or atheists. (Another poll gives atheists proportion equal to 27%), 10% identified as being from other religions or being without opinion, 4% identified as Muslim, 3% identified as Protestant, 1% identified as Jewish.
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Maybe more on holidays and fun, I am trying to do a fun report on France, and this isn't helping.