Friday, October 3, 2008

First winter colds,

We are having a little sickness passing around the house. Angie is congested and not feeling good. Andrew has had a little fever on and off for the last couple of days. Micah has had a bad sounding cough. I hope they are all better by monday. I have been able to get several other things done other than medicating. We did our absentee voting finished, sent out some thank-you cards, did some drivers license research, of course went shopping three or four times. We have homework due monday over the book Tintin - Le Lotus Bleu. I have not been able to find it here locally yet. Concerning the driver's license, it costs a couple of thousand euros minimum and several weeks to get you driver's license, if you pass everything the first time. It is a difficult test from what I hear. There are five states that have agreements with France, meaning France accepts there driver's license directly. You show them your drivers license from one of those states and they will give you a french drivers license. So far, it may be faster and cheaper to fly to the US and get a drivers license in that state and then return and get the French one. Definitely something to consider. Attached is a picture of the kids in a pool at Greece. They really liked this one, Andrew as well because it was just the right depth of water for him to walk in. God bless, JASON

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