Monday, October 27, 2008

I don't know.

We asked Micah what he did at school. He happily replied, "I don't know." We have had a time getting information from him. I think how often God could asked us what we are doing and we would reply the same. I just heard Caleb talking about some friends of ours that were students here at the language school, he asked when they were coming back. Angie said that they are not coming back, they are moving to Congo. Caleb said, "Oh man, that's a long planet." I also forgot to mention that Andrew locked himself in the bathroom Friday. We tried to talking him to turning the key but could not. We tried everything else we could, taking off the doorknob, and all that we could think off. I finally had to kick the door in. Andrew was scared and upset but he is all right. The door fared worse and will be replaced today.

We are getting ready for my parents to arrive. I have the scheduled all planned out, what we are eating and what we are doing. I think that the weather will cooperate with our plans. I will meet them at the airport and we will show them around Massy. Wednesday we will see some sites in Paris. Thursday, Dad and I will hike "la coulée verte", hiking trail to Paris. Friday we are renting a car and going to Normandy. Saturday Angie and my mom and going to the mall. Sunday after bible study we are going to the Louvre (free the first Sunday of the month). Monday is open to whatever Mom and Dad want to do, Possible more sites in Paris or Versailles. Mostly I am looking forward to sitting and talking. I will hopefully find time to post pictures and updates as we go. Be sure to check out Dad's blog (link is to the right) to see his perspectives. Pictured is my Mom and Dad at my sisters wedding shower. God bless, JASON

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