Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dimanche (Sunday)

We are having a great day today. I visited with a Baptist church is Paris today. The father of one of our Language school teachers is the pastor. The services went well. They had the Lord's supper (my first time to see it here). They, like the church here is Massy, have a moment of prayer and praise, when anyone can say a prayer or short testimony or song. The sermons was good, I understood it. It was from the life of Shadrach, Meshach and Adednego. The three main points were 1. comfortable life 2. Problems 3. Never alone. After the service I had a good conversation with a young man from the south of France who is going to college here. I got back to the house about 3:45 and saw Lilia scrubbing the toilet and Caleb vacumming. Angie must have had a good lesson with them. I just finished some homework and helped Caleb get his finished. Angie is taking a nap and I am tempted to have one myself. Looking forward to the hearing the services at Walnut Street tonight via Skype, last weeks was a two parter and so we are anxiously waiting for part two. God bless, JASON

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