Friday, October 10, 2008


We have had a good week at school. We have learned two new verb tenses this week, plus-que-parfait and subjonctif. Plus-que-parfait is not much of a problem, it is easily conjugated and translates directly into English. Subjonctif is a little different. It has a more difficult conjugation and it doesn't really translate. Il faut que j'écrive = It is necessary that I write. Many students I have spoken to have had a lot of problems with it and we may too by the time we finish learning all the uses for it.
Last weekend I let Lilia walk to the store around the corner by herself and pick up a few things for us. She has been begging me to do it again. Of course I followed her to make sure she made it okay. Thankfully we live in a safe neighborhood. There are almost always people around and many of them neighbors.
Micah is staying late after school on Thursday and Friday to work with his teacher and a couple of other students learning French. We are really thankfully because even though he understands a lot of French he has been hesitant to speak much.
I am really looking forward to school break coming up and my parents coming to visit. I am excited about hiking into Paris with my dad. Massy is the start of "la coulee verte", a hiking and bike trail that goes into Paris. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. God bless, JASON

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