Sunday, November 2, 2008

Church and Louvre

We had good services this morning. My Dad brought a good lessons on the subject, Good Guy - Bad Guy, from III John. Afterwards we went to the Louvre. On the first Sunday of the month admission is free. It was a crowded but we had a good time. We saw the Mona Lisa and several other significant works of art. We made it back home in time to hear the services at Walnut Street. Bro. Harold Davis ( my childhood pastor, filled in for Dad and did an excellent job as was expected. After supper we put the kids right to bed. They were exhausted from the day. Tomorrow is Lilia's birthday and we will probably hang around the house and take the kids to the park. It is supposed to be sunny and a little warmer tomorrow. I have attached some pictures from the Louvre. The tall column with the Lion on top is from the palace of Darius (Daniel and the Lions Den) in Babylon. God bless, JASON

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