Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Denver, Colorado

I had a great time in Denver. I arrived, my cousin, Andrew picked me up from the airport, and I spent the night in my Aunts house, not far from the airport. My thanks to Aunt Jean for letting me stay with her. Friday morning, I mailed something for a friend in France, got my drivers license and bought a large amount of stuff from Wal-mart. I stayed there about an hour and a half. That was probably the longest time I had spent in Wal-mart by myself. I picked up some things for the kids Christmas, some medicines, some spices and candy that we could not get here, shoes for all the kids and other misc. items. Everything except the medicine was cheaper at Wal-mart. Medicine is cheap in France because of the socialized health care. Angie bought a prescription to other day that was $50 for a months supply, here she got three months worth for $5. Sorry, we are not taking orders. Other interesting things about the trip, people were talking English, customer service was better than here, I had Dr. Pepper and ranch dressing, and there were a lot of pickup trucks.
Friday evening I ate with my cousin, Andrew, and three of his 5 kids. We enjoyed good conversation and American pizza. It was great to see them again and I was encouraged by their faithful service to the Lord. Saturday, my Aunt Jean and I went to see my Aunt Peggy in Vail. It was a pretty drive and a nice visit as well. We attended early services at the church my Aunt attends. It was great to be present at a ENGLISH worship service. The songs and the message were great, I almost teared up at one point, but held it in. The flight back went good as well. I had a close connecting flight in Washington and just made it without having to run. I only slept for about an hour and a half, and now have been working on trying to get caught up on homework. The trip was great but it is also great to be home with Angie and the kids. Attached picture is of the boys playing with their train set. God bless, JASON


Lance2france said...

Hey Jason,

Come out and visit us sometime. We get Dr. Pepper out here!

abainfrance said...

I'm on my way!