Monday, November 17, 2008

Art and the Bible

The weekend went well. The biblical art exhibit was interesting. They also had some very old bibles on display. Sunday I went to church services with Lilia, Angie stayed home with the boys who all had coughs. Andrew is still not feeling well. After services I went to a Evangelical church conference. It was real good. It took an hour train ride to get there, but it was worth it. There were hundreds of booths set up. I got a good sense of bible literature available in France. Seminaries, language schools, missionary booths, book stores, and gifts are some of the other booths listed.
I am leaving Thursday for a trip to Colorado to get my drivers license. I will be returning Sunday but there are still some things that I need to get done to help Angie. Angie had me laughing hard earlier. She had prepared a meal with some boneless skinless chicken breasts. Caleb found a bone in his first and later I found a small piece of bone in mine. Angie said, "I should have though about checking for bones when I saw the feather in there." She was serious too. Angie stayed home with Andrew today, hopefully he will be all better soon. It is not bothering him too bad, but it is hard to miss school. We watched Evan Almighty this evening with the kids, cute movie. When Micah finds something funny in a movie, he laughs so loud, it gets everyone else laughing. God bless, JASON


David Wang said...

Hi Jason,
I know as a tourist one can use his/her home country's driver's license or an international driving permit, but perhaps it is different if you're staying in France longterm. Besides CO, do you know what other states' driver's licenses that France recognizes (specifically CA)? Have a good and safe trip to CO.

abainfrance said...

Hey David,
US drivers license or international drivers license (which is more like a translation) can only be used in France for one year. After that you are considered more as a resident. Besides Colorado, Michigan, Kentucky, Virginia, that I can remember. Sorry, not Calif. or Texas, unfortunately. JASON