Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Today is Armistice day in France, celebrating 90 years since the end of World War I. This is more special this year in France because this is the first time that there is not a french WWI veteran alive. I did not know much about the first World War. There were 117,465 US casualties and 1,697,800 French casualties. There was a small parade in town today and a meeting at the local cemetery which has the graves for the WWI victims of Massy.
New Micah quote of the day, we have been working on him pronouncing his "L" sounds, he pronounces them as a "w". He is getting better at it but he has to focus and try. Last night we were getting them ready for bed and he asked, "Are you going to put me to sweep, Daddy?". Angie said, "Say sLLLeep". Micah then said, "I mean are you going to put me to bed?" Quick thinking on his part. God bless, JASON


Leea said...

And some people say that kids aren't that bright? How cute!

David Wang said...

Hi Jason,
If you'd like to know more about WWI, here's a very good website I found a few years back (www.firstworldwar.com).
I'm glad to read that you and your family had a wonderful visit with your parents. I pray that the Lord will show you the direction on where to go upon finishing your French courses. God bless you all.