Thursday, November 27, 2008


We had a Thanksgiving meal yesterday at the Language school. It was Wednesday but we chose that day because there was no school, while we did have school today. The meal went well, there were over 50 students and teachers present and six kids. It was the first time I had had a thanksgiving meal with food from Korea, South Africa, Germany, France, and America. Angie made chicken and dumplings which went over well. It was hard to explain what they were to people. How can you explain what a dumpling is to people who do not have biscuits? Boiled bread just doesn't sound good. I made sweet ice tea which went over real well with the southerners. We had a good time of testimony as well. It is amazing how God has worked in each of the lives of the ones there to get them to the point that they are now. That works for all of us but we often do not look back to realize it the part God has played in it. My thanks go to God for all he has done in my life, for blessing my with my family and friends, for calling me to his service, and for providing for all my needs, most importantly my need for a Savior. We are going have another Thanksgiving meal on Saturday with our friends and their four kids. I'll end this post with another Micah quote, he brought me a shirt to wear for a gown the other day and I asked, are you sure this is a gown shirt? He looked at me and in confidence said, "Of course, it has a helicopter on it." What was I thinking? God bless, JASON

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