Monday, March 17, 2008


We had a lot of meetings today. We also had a pretty large test this morning at school. So far Angie has beaten or tied me on every test but one. I have fun picking on her about it. I usually miss just one more than she does. I feel pretty good about doing better on this next one. Angie has started jogging/running. I am very proud of her, today she ran during lunch with another student. One day I'm going to need to start getting more excercise than just the 4 mile walk each day. Angie had a meeting with our teacher after school today. She wanted to know how we were progressing and if we needed to speed up. The teacher said that the class is on a good pace. Angie also had a meeting with Caleb's and Micah's teachers. That went real well, Angie had the secretary from the language school come to translate, but she followed what the teacers said pretty well and only needed a little bit of translating. The boys are doing well. Caleb's teacher said that he understands a lot and is calm. He no longer has to have help to do his work. She says he is doing very well considering that this has been his first few months of school. Students here that are his age already have been in school for two years. Micah's teacher said that he was progressing good as well. She said that he was also very calm, which was a big surprise to us. We were glad he was because she has a class of 27 three year olds. She says that he does daydream some (gets that from me). The teacher said that in French they say, "He is on the moon." JASON

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