Thursday, March 20, 2008

Faith sense.

Someone posed the question to me, What if you run out of funds. This came after we received our Schooling and rent bill for 6 months, which is about $24000. I gave the answer a little thought and replied. . . It is not possible for us to run out of funds. I believe that we are where God wants us and as such He will provide for our needs. Our salary amount is not excessive and we are not spending out of the mission fund unwisely. So God will provide as he promises. James Taylor shared with us that while in Africa, he always had less than $100 in the mission fund at the end of each month. I have been feeling secure but a little worried about having all that money in the account. I know that God is not exactly in favor of us having excess money laying around in the mission fund, even though it helps us feel secure (which it should not, we should be secure in Him). I believe that God will provide our salary and also above that for our ministry expenses. Does that all make sense (not common sense, but faith sense)? Faith sense takes some effort, but it is easier the more we see God provide in wonderful ways. We have been doing well. I heard Lilia and Caleb playing school the other day. They were playing in french, wow. We received a couple of boxes from our church containing things that we wanted to have. Things like M&M's, Mustard, macaroni & cheese, popcorn, things you really miss when they are no longer available. I am looking forward to our evening servies. I will tell you more about my sermon later. Attached are some pictures of Andrew, "vegged" out to veggietales when he was tired. God Bless and have a great day. À tout à l'heure! Jason


Chris said...

Sounds like you could preach that.

Leland Acker said...

Don't get too nervous if the mission account starts building up. God may be preemptively supplying your needs. Just continue to do what God leads you too and let the finances fall where they may.