Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Last wait

So I had a strange wait on the street again. My last wait on the street I hope. At least until I know how to handle it better. It was Saturday and I was waiting for my friend to pick me up for the grocery store. She was very late (but with good reason, she had 2 extra girls with her) While I waited a guy approached me and began to speak. Of course I couldn't "hear" him when he spoke so I had to give the I'm learning french thing again. So then he looked toward me when he spoke and spoke slowly and I could understand better. He was saying that he was looking for a public phone. I had no idea where a public phone was. So I just kept saying I don't know. Of course I wanted to explain that when we moved here no one could tell us where a public phone was. But I could not say all that so I just said I'm waiting for a friend and I don't know where a phone is . He asked if I lived here (we were just in front of our house). I said yes and I think he said something about using my phone. I answered no. In my head I'm like no way I don't know who you are and I am not letting you in my house. Jason and the kids were there but still- I wasn't taking any chances- he could just keep looking for a payphone. And I wasn't going to let him use my cell phone either. I thought he would leave after I said no about the phone but he didn't so I just stopped speaking to him and stopped looking at him just so he would get the message. He did and finally moved on. Remember now everything we said was in French! He moved on down the street and crossed over to a place that has a sign taxiphone_ I have no idea what that means but maybe it is a public phone. I have been curious about that but of course have not asked anyone. So a few minutes later he comes out from there and stops just across the street from me. I'm like great how do I get rid of this guy- then I think well maybe he is just waiting for his ride he called.(yeah right) (mind you I am not looking his way except in passing to make sure he is not coming across the street toward me. I am getting a little nervous because what if he does come across- he already knows that there is no interest here so what are his intentions) So then he motions for me to come across to him. I shake my head and roll my eyes and give hime the evil eye and the "what are you thinking you crazy" look. Then he yells at me in ENGLISH - Come here!. I mouth NO! at him. -then I began to pray for Virginie to hurry up and be there. Then out of the corner of my eye I see that he has begun to cross the street. I check down the street for Virginie again- and she is coming- Driving way to fast too because she is very late. She cuts the guy off ( almost running over him- but I am glad) He keeps coming across though behind her car. I circle around the front of the car desperate to get in. I got in but the seat was not cleaned out. I was like let me sit down so I can close the door. It took a few moments but he realized he lost and finally left. Can somone tell me what is with the guys in this country?- Ok well we thought about it and have discussed it since Saturday. Virginie said maybe I made a face- I think she meant maybe he was encouraged because I smiled or something like that. Jason and I discussed that I am the same age as the average marrying age of women in this country. Anyway, It was all very surreal at least the part where he was yelling in english and Virginie arriving in the nick of time. I thanked God she did. I still don't know why this happened. Maybe I need to smile less and less (which is sad- but maybe a necessity here) Or maybe I need to not wait on the sidewalk. Either way I am sure God had good purpose in it. ANGIE


Stacie said...

Scary! We're definitely praying for you all, Angie. Hope that guy doesn't come around your street anymore.

Jadaline said...

So, are guys just WAY more forward there? That's pretty weird. I'm glad the timing worked out just right.

Sorry I haven't gotten you a picture yet. Things have been a little crazy.

I enjoy reading about your adventures in France. Glad you guys are doing well.