Friday, October 2, 2009

Revenge of the mouse.

Wednesday I took the kids swimming and they had a great time. It was a lot of fun watching them. The swimming pool here in town is really nice, they even have a small pool for toddlers with water slides and fountains. Thursday was an interesting day. Angie was finally feeling back to normal and while enjoying the view outside, thanked God for all the nature around us, she did not know what would happen in a couple of hours. I dropped the kids off at school and came home and got to my reading. After a little while I hear Angie walk into the room and give a little shreek and then look for whatever is close that gets her off the floor, in this case a small stool. Sure enough there was a mouse in the house. My thought was just to by some traps from the store, but she insisted that the mouse had to go now. So we commenced to chasing the mouse out from behind furniture towards the door. While the chase was on he happened to run into an empty cereal box beside the trash can and I had him. It was then that I had the wonderful idea of showing him to the kids, so he was transfered to a bucket to await the childrens return at lunch. I brought them home and they were excited. Andrew quickly tired of watching a mouse sit in a bucket so he started shaking the bucket for a little more action. I called them to lunch. Andrew finished quickly and went right back outside to shake the bucket. So I decided it was best to let the mouse go. My idea (and Caleb's) was to give him to the nieghbor's cat, but Angie said to let him loose in the field next to our house. So me and the kids walked him down there and released him. He took of running, circled back, ran past me and right into a wasps nest that was built into a wash out (pictured). Chaos. I calmly instructed the kids to "RUN!". Lilia was stung first as she stood there screaming and starting at the wasp on her arm. (Angie heard the scream at this point and thought the mouse must have run over her foot). Finally the kids get the idea and start heading back to the house all crying. Angie catches on that something big is happening and exits the house to meet the children. Micah still had wasps on his clothes. Lilia and Andrew were stung once and Micah, twice. Angie put salt on the wounds, which I was not sure was a good idea, she was trying to draw the stinger out. I made the good'ol vinager and baking soda mix that helped so many times in my youth. It seemed to go better with the kids. Caleb and me were spared the stinging but suddenly Caleb starts crying saying he was bit and he did happen to have a mosquito bite on his neck. Suddenly I notice a wasp on Micah's head and slap it. That got him all upset again as his little brain was trying to figure out why Dad had hit him. It was a pretty stressful moment for all the kids. Lilia cried the loudest and longest. We put a movie on the calm them down and get them to rest. Lilia and Caleb calmed down enough to go back to school, but Micah stayed home. At least we discovered that they are not allergic. I think Andrew must have shook the bucket a little too much and the mouse wanted revenge. I went back later and took the picture. No worries though, I have purchased the bug spray and will be rid of them soon, we will have our revenge. As I am typing this Angie is reading the newspaper and found a section advertising prostitutes. That is a shock. Can't wait to see what God has instore for today, I have told Angie to be more careful about thanking him for the nature all around us. God bless, JASON

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