Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I forgot.

Let me update you with a couple of things that I forgot to mention from last week. Tuesday night after the Bible study I was stopped by the police. They were doing a sting I think, because they pulled over every car. I just showed my papers and he let me go on. I was a little glad because I wanted to know if I had everything I needed to keep in the car, and now I know that I do. Angie's birthday party went well saturday. She was feeling a little better and went shopping but came home exhausted. She is still not feeling back to normal. I got Lilia and Caleb signed up for classes at the swimming pool. They go on wednesdays from 11:25 to 12:10. I stopped by the gov. office and they confirmed that it should not be a problem to extend the visa. Then they said that we needed paperwork for our children as well, but no one had ever mentioned that to us, at the other office they assured that our paperwork worked for our kids. So obviously rules vary by place and person perhaps. All that to say I won't be sure until I have the new visa in my hand. Our car is still performing wonderfully, for the last week and a half I went 4.3 liters per 100km. Okay, I'll translate that for you, that equals 54.7 miles to the gallon. Awesome. And that is driving around town dropping kids off, not real highway miles. Services went good in Carcassonne Sunday. I am getting excited about the idea of having our own services. It has been four months since I last preached, not including to Angie or the kids. A member of the church in Carcassonne brought us supper last night, which we really appreciated. The family is probably getting tired of my cooking. I cook pretty good, but I do not balance well. For example, I see not problem in having rice, potatoes, and pasta in one meal. Angie seems to think that it does not go well together :) We are still waiting on internet to arrive. It has been two weeks. The attached picture is the boys watching a movie in English and eating American candy while in Greece. God bless, JASON

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