Thursday, September 17, 2009

A routine.

We are finally starting to settle into a type of routine. Routines are good as long as they are good routines. Tuesday night Angie went to a meeting with all the teachers and parents at Lilia's school. We have been busy getting paperwork and kids pictures for the school as well. I had to purchase insurance for the kids for while they were at school. It was inexpesive just $15 a piece for all year, but still one more thing to get accomplished. We have been transfering money to finishing paying off the language school which goes slow when you can only move 1000 euros a day. The exchange rate seems to continue to rise as was expected. Yesterday we purchased a stove, which we are real thankful to have. To celebrate we bought some frozen pizzas and made some french fries. Today I have spent the good part of the day getting paperwork and catching up on reading. The pastor of the church in Carcassonne gave me a list of books to read to help build biblical vocabulary. I got caught up reading one today. I find you have to read slowly to catch the context and of course I usually have to look up a couple of words on each page. I am really looking forward to getting internet hooked up soon. It will make a lot of things easier, including looking up the meaning of words Currently I am sitting at McDonalds using their free WiFi. I think the McDonalds in the US should take a lesson from them. Attached picture is the judgement area in Corinth, where Paul spoke in Acts 18. God bless, JASON

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