Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Greek to me.

The retreat has been going real good. We enjoyed the sites we saw in Greece. It was amazing standing on Mars Hill (a big rock formation pictured) and looking at the idol temples on all the hills around it and thinking of the words that Paul spoke in Acts 17. We walked in the old city and saw some streets mention in the Bible. We left after the tour and headed by Hydrafoil ferry to Aegina. Sunday it was warm but the services went well. Bro. Lynn Raburn is bringing an excellent series from Characters in the Life of David. I have learned and been touched and changed already. The kids have loved being with their friends and playing in the pool. This morning (monday) they had their first VBS while we had sessions and they really enjoyed themselves and came back to the rooms with loads of candy and other goodies. I am overwhelmed at the volunteers from Faith Baptist Church in North Little Rock who raised their own funds to come and serve the missionary kids in this way. It means a lot to us and them. The fellowship has been great. I have had wonderful and enlightening conversations with many missionary friends already and have enjoyed them all. We have spent good time with our overseas family. I have missed catching our family back in the states. The WiFi does not reach to our room so tomorrow I will have to go to the lobby and update everyone. The kids have been exhausted but loving every minute of it. The weather was cool and cloudy and so we let them spend several hours in the pool and outside with their friends. Today (now tuesday) the group of ladies from Faith Baptist Church babysat all the missionary kids so that the couples could enjoye three hours alone. Angie and I enjoyed a leisurely walk and shopping in town. In the message to night we learned about David and Shimei (2 Samuel 16). David was fleeing for his life from his own son and Shimei, a relative of Saul, throws stones and dirt at him and curses him. What would have been our reaction if we had been king to someone doing this to us? Davids right hand man wanted to kill him. David says “What if God told him to curse me? I probably deserve it. After all my own son is trying to kill me, maybe God will see me and have pity on me.” Do we ever react that way when someone is being cruel and saying means things to us? A man after God's own heart should.

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