Friday, September 4, 2009

Barcelona to Rome to Athens

The kids all had a great first day of school. All said that they made new friends and a couple of the kids could even remeber their name. We left right after they got out and drove to Barcelona. Stayed the night in a hotel and woke up at 3:30 to head to the airport. We flew to Rome them on to Greece. All the flights went well, flying still holds some awe for the kids. I would think that they would be getting used to it, but it was like it was their first time. We met our good friends the Taylors (missionaries in Kenya) at the airport and Athens, rode over to the hotel and went out for supper at McDonalds together and even let all the kids watch a movie together. Tomorrow we are going for a walking tour of Athens and then we will head to Aegina where the retreat will be held. We are all very excited about it.
Let me also mention how well we have enjoyed our car. It has been hauling a lot of furniture and people the last few days and has still averaged 45 mpg. Attached is a picture of me and Caleb when we took a hike together. God bless, JASON

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love this father/son picture