Monday, October 26, 2009

Week End Beginning

Saturday I worked on getting the garage cleaned up. We hauled off a load of cardboard to be recycled. It still needs some arranging. I also vacuumed out the car. Caleb, Micah, and I went on a walk for a few hours and got some good pictures of Limoux that I will post later. Services went good Sunday, we had a visiting preacher who did a good job. I spoke with my parents for a while last night on skype. It has been nice having internet again. The next couple of days will be spent straightening up and getting reports done. Congratulations to my older sister who just found out they are expecting a boy, which I accurately guessed. Pictured is a rainbow we caught last week. God bless, JASON

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Alan Davey : said...

Thanks, that's nice to read !

a visiting preacher...