Monday, October 5, 2009

Today is Monday.

"Today is Monday". That was the phrase that Caleb got to teach his class in English this morning. His teacher has been helping him teach the English classes a little. He seems to really enjoy it. I asked him if he knew all the days of the week in English and he did not, neither did Micah, so we will spend the next few car rides practicing the days of the week in English. We had a good weekend. Saturday, Angie and I worked on the yard all day. We transfered some cactus (aloe vera) and cleaned out the flower bed to get ready for some flowers. The new cactus garden looks really nice. I will try and get a picture of it posted next time. Sunday services went well. Being the first of the month we treated ourselves to Dominos Pizza. We saw it a few weeks back and it was great to get to enjoy some finally. Sunday afternoon I got some good studying done, spent almost and hour looking into one Hebrew word. Afterwards I was even able to get a small nap with Andrew. Hopefully this is the week that our internet will arrive. God bless, JASON

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