Friday, October 16, 2009

We got connections.

Finally we are connected to the internet. I called this morning to see what the hold-up was and they said it should be up and going by Monday. This afternoon I went and visited with a couple who help in an English speaking church that meets in a town about twenty minutes from here twice a month. I volunteered to be available to fill in if needed. They were a really nice couple and oddly enough a man was there working on there internet (same company as ours). On the way back to get the kids, I called Angie (who had a friend over) and found out that internet company called and we were online. After getting home and setting up a few things, here we are. YES! I will wait until tommorrow to get the internet phone and TV hooked up. I am anxious to see how everything will work with this slower speed. Tonight is family night so we will work on it tommorrow. We turned our heat on last night. It seems fall has arrived. Last night it go down to 35. Pictured is one of our house plants that bloomed recently. God bless, JASON

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