Friday, October 23, 2009

Swimming translation

I forgot to mention what happened while during Lilia and Calebs swimming class. There was a scheduled power outage at the house so we all went to the pool as a family to watch Lilia and Caleb's swimming class. I noticed in Caleb's class that one boy was not doing what everyone else was. I then saw Caleb say something to the teacher, swim over to the boy and talk with him, then I saw the boy join the rest of the group. Afterwards Caleb explained what happened. The new boy did not understand what to do because he spoke English. So Caleb ask if he could explain it, he swam over to the boy and explained what to do. I was proud of him. Caleb's teacher asked to speak with me today. She was just wanting to make sure that Caleb was doing okay with his homework. She wanted to make sure that he had some French interaction over the holidays. She was a little worried about him having trouble with the French in the future. I think that she is not used to having an English kid in the class. He seems to be doing just fine. He did mention that sometimes he doesn't not understand everything the teacher says. Lilia said neither does she or even the French kids in her class. Today was the start of a week and a half of from school. We plan next week to go back to Massy and get some good friends of ours and bring them down for the weekend. We are looking forward to visiting with them and I am sure they need a break from language school as well.  God bless, JASON

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David from Texas said...

Moi aussi, j'aime nager! What a nice friend Caleb is to translate for the other boy.