Sunday, April 5, 2009

Meet the Teacher

Thursday afternoon Angie met with Calebs teachers. It went well they said he did good in class and was just a little timid when he was in large groups. Friday a couple at the language school offered to babysit everyones kids and let the parents go out. We had already been invited to eat dessert at a friends house. The kids really wanted to go to the babysitting and play with the other kids, so we let them go for an hour and then picked then up for the dessert at the friends house. Saturday I meet with Lilia's teacher. The meeting went well. The teacher praised Lilia for being the "head of the class" and only after being in the country for a little over the year. He said she was a quick thinker and participated good in class. I'm a little proud of her. God bless, JASON

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