Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 1

Day one with just me and the kids passed well. I just spoke with Angie, she made it to Nairobi without any problems and was eating supper with the Taylor Family. We are doing well. Easter weekend went real well. Saturday we had a little Easter Party and Egg hunt at the Language School. Sunday morning services went well. They had double services, and early service for church members and the normal service for everyone who brought guests. It was specifically aimed at getting the message of Easter to non-Christians. France 2, a French TV station, showed up and filmed bits of the services. Angie left Sunday afternoon and arrived at Amsterdam, where she spent the night. She left this morning for Kenya and arrived just after 7 pm. She already is enjoying herself and got to hold their one year old, Samuel, who we had not got to meet yet. He fell asleep on her. They plan to stay one more day in Nairobi and do some shopping at a new mall and then make the trek back to East Kenya. Me and the kids are fine. I took them to out to the language school and let them play. It was nice weather today, but rain is supposed to move in tomorrow. Lilia is spending the night with some friends and will be making a trip into Paris tomorrow. Meanwhile the boys will have some Father/Son time. Of course that includes, tickling, wrestling, hot-wheels, and transformers. Sunday before church we had some family pictures made. It was difficult to have everyone looking at the camera and smiling at the same time. Attached is one of the better pictures. God bless, JASON

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