Friday, April 17, 2009

Kenya Day 4

Church was good. I introduced myself and Kenya translated. I knew about 7 seconds before I had to do it. I think I said 5 sentences James is doing really well with the language. Kenya too! It's funny they will be rattling along in swahili then an english word pops up in it. lsiskkoidiadj pins aldjflaoij cast aldkjfe. It was funny. France is "ufransa" or something like that. sometimes i hear parts of french word in the phrases. they have a gas station called "Bonjour". And for some reason on the highway on the way down here there were a couple of big European Union flags and signs. After a supper of beans and rice I did dishes and hung out clothes, Kenya gave showers, clipped nails and cleaned ears, and put Samuel to bed and James started working on his break lights so we can go to the game park tomorrow in the defender. We watched an episode of Dirty Jobs and ate popcorn. Then they opened a package they got of Easter stuff from the states. Then the kids got tucked in while I picked up, then we hung out more clothes and started more washing. Afterwards we packed a lunch for tomorrow which Kenya is finishing up and James is still out working on the lights. It has been a good day. I did get a nap this afternoon- I just felt wiped out. I guess from a combo of all the newness and the traveling. They found out that the strong winds yesterday tore up a lot of the tarps and the choo (outhouse) walls at the church so they will have a work day on Saturday. The winds blew one of Kenya's sheets off the roof. She was glad that it didn't blow away, it was still in her yard. No pictures today. the camera batteries died this morning. They are charging up for tomorrow. We will leave early in the morning. - ANGIE

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