Friday, April 24, 2009

Last day of spring break.

Today is the last day of spring break. It has been a good break. Angie was able to make a trip to help out friends. I researched our prospects for purchasing a car. The house is clean, and Andrew has a good start on potty training. I'm looking forward to starting language school again on Monday. Angie will not be going the afternoons this last semester, she is in need of the time for keeping things going at the house and preparing for our move in July. I am really looking forward to finishing school and moving on to Limoux. We were told to focus on language and culture this first 18 months and I felt like we have done that. Soon that will not be the focus, we will however continue our language learning through practice and a conversant. I am attaching a video I put together during this break, kind of a summary of our time in language school. If you can not get it to play below then here is the link. . Enjoy and God bless, JASON

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