Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 4 without Angie

My day went well. I made the kids pancakes this morning for breakfast. Afterwards, I worked some more on a promotional video that I have been making. After sandwiches for lunch, we headed to the language school to play, after being there for maybe thirty minutes, Andrew had a dirty diaper, of course I forgot to bring extra, so we walked back to the house. While I was changing him at the house, I got a call from some friends inviting us to come to the language school and play with their kids. So we headed back to the language school. We had a good time playing and visiting. We had hot dogs with Chili for supper, the chili came today in a package from my parents. Many thanks! I'm letting the kids watch a movie and hope to get them to bed early because they are showing signs of tiredness. Attached is a picture Angie took of two books that belonged to Martin Luther. They were taken at a Lutheran Church in Paris. God bless, JASON

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