Wednesday, April 15, 2009

From Kenya

Hey, I'm in Kenya! We had a good visit and meal last night, fried chicken and fries. This morning I had a doughnut for breakfast then Kenya, James and I went to the office to get insurance on James' new truck. On the way James bought a newspaper from a street hawker in the middle of the street. While we waited in the car for James, Kenya and I visited and then we had a call from Jen Davis, a former student at our language school, they are working in Congo, but are on vacation in Kenya - we may try to meet them on the way home tomorrow. Also while we waited the man who sold James the truck brought the faceplate to the stereo by. Then we did some shopping in a big store with lots of British items I recognized from our vacation house we had in the south of France. I got macaroni and popcorn kernels and Chiclets. This afternoon James and I ate Chinese food at the mall, everyone else had chicken and fries or spaghetti. After we finished they drove me out to see the Rift Valley from a lookout point about 30 minutes from here to the west. Last night the driving was crazy with the people passing from the other direction coming right in your lane so that you had to move over. But today James said we had a first time moment when at a very backed-up round-about the cars trying to squeeze in next to us were getting angry because James, who was actually on the road, was going past them and essentially cutting them off. Then one of the guys reached out of his car and hit our van with his fist. Crazy guy! James just said that the other guy was the one who needed to wait, we were doing right. The rift valley was awesome! James said it goes all the way to Israel. On the "interstate" there were lots of checkpoints for the cops to see if you have insurance and occasionally ask for bribes. They can get in trouble if they ask directly so they find ways to ask indirectly. Like they asked what we were going to do last night. James said going to eat. Then the cop said well what am I going to eat tonight? So now we are back and getting packed up for an early start. We may go to a movie in a little bit or if Samuel is too wiggly we may go shopping. Then we are going to eat Indian food. Tomorrow we will leave Nairobi, "the land of plenty", as they were calling it. Lydia (3 or 4 years old), their daughter who broke her arm last week, is doing good and not in too much pain, she is just trying to keep her sling adjusted right and deal with the inconvenience of having one good hand. The other kids are good Josiah (7) did something this morning that totally reminded me of Caleb. It was cute. They all loved their gifts I brought from France and drawings our kids made for their kids. Thanks for the prayers, I'll go help pack now. - ANGIE

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