Sunday, April 19, 2009

The 7th Day

Today is the 7th day that Angie has been away from me. She is doing well. Yesterday morning they went to the ocean and that afternoon they killed and plucked a chicken. It is good to know that she is getting a good African experience. Today she will be attending services. A little ironic that soon after we can understand all that goes on in the service in French, she will be in a Swahili service and not understand a word. I think everyone should experience a worship service where you do not understand what is being said. It is a good growth experience and a test of worship. For those who would like to contact us, my Magic Jack is up and working. It gives us a US phone number. If you would like the number just ask. And also a prayer request. A church member of our sending church Clint, around 20 years old, fell into a fire and has burns over 85% percent of his body. He needs your prayers as does our church, as my father and his family will be with him this Sunday morning at the Hospital. God bless, JASON

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