Sunday, January 6, 2008

We are here.

We made it! The flight went well, the kids slept pretty good. The were able to pick what movie they wanted to watch on the flight from detroit to paris and they watched ratattouille. Yvain met us at the airport, none of our luggage was lost thankfully. I am on the WIFI at the school right now. We are staying at the school apartment tonight as well because they wanted to do another few things in our apartment, i will a picture of the apartment. It is really nice they are making it very personals, they even have a rug for the boys room with roads on it. We had a good night, everyone went to sleep about 9 pm and everyone but caleb was awake at 4 am. We then all went back to sleep and slept till about 11 am. We went to the grocery store and looked at the apartment some more. We have met several of the other language school students, they are all nice, Lilia is playing with another family right now, they have three girls and one boy. This next week we have to work at getting our papers translated, getting the kids shots, and getting them registered in school. Lilia has already met three girls that will be in the same school as she will. Anyways, thanks for the prayers and God Bless, JASON

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