Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Homework, Dallas, and Dumplings


Today we had Jen and Davis, Tova and Elami over. We were going to work on our homework together. At the end Davis said, "Well we got done in 2 hours together what we could have gotten done in 30 minutes alone." You know because of the kids and all. It was funny. But Jen said at least we got to hear it out loud some that's always good. She was a little sad to leave so soon but Davis was ready to get home and lay Elami down, she was ready for a nap. Jen also needed to get to the store today. She and I discussed maybe walking or jogging together. She already jogs after schools for 20-30 minutes. Maybe I could tag along.

So last night at Cora, the grocery store- I went to the guy cashier because he is kind and he smiles and not many of the women I've been to do. He laughed when i answered that i was from Texas. Everyone here has the view of texas they got from watching JR Ewing ? on Dallas. you know big cowboy hat and all.

Today I may try and make brownies. I attempted chicken and dumplings the other day and they turned out good- I didn't think they would be halfway through, but Jason thought they were the best I ever made. I said, "Well the food is supposed to be better in France." (or at least some think so) I wasn't sure it would work because the shortening that I used I bought by accident. Until I bought it I didn't think they had it here. It was in a rectangle package refrigerated and said "Fries" on it with a picture. It also said 100% vegetable but I guess fries are 100% vegetable too. Any way I'm glad I found it so I could make dumplings.


Bro. Matt said...

You did take your horses didn't you?!?

Stacie said...

I would have thought they were French Fries from the picture on the package. Was it really vegetable shortening?

abainfrance said...

Yes it was.