Saturday, January 12, 2008

Location, Location, Location

One week of school behind us. Things have been going well. So far it seems we go to the grocery store at least once every day or two, it seems to be what everyone does though. Since you only buy what you can carry and the food comes in smaller portions. For example the largest lunch meat package we could find was 6 slices. The largest milk we found came in one liter cartons. We are blessed to be in a good location with a medium sized supermarket, Franprix, just a block from us. Within a block of us we have a hair salon, butcher shop, bakery, fruit and vegetable store, 2 insurance agencies, a bank, bookstore, post office, real estate office, an Asian restaurant, 2 sandwich shops, movie rental store, the tourist office and several more that I have not noticed or recognized yet. Of course there are about 2,000 people that live withing a mile of us. Ease of access is one nice thing about city life. So far we have found some interesting things at the supermarket. They have a lot of snack foods. I found out today that this is because all the kids have a snack after school because supper is not usually until around 7:30 at night. You do have to look at the prices on items. I picked up a small box of chocolates from the store as a little surprise for Angie and the kids. I didn't pay attention to the price, just assuming that it was reasonable. Angie saw the receipt later and noticed that it was 13 Euro, about $20. No more of that. Yesterday I went to pick up some meat and noticed something that resembled beef tips. After bringing it home I noticed Angie went for the French dictionary right away, not a good sign. It ended up being beef kidney, which wasn't bad. Angie didn't eat any. We are also located just across the corner from the bus stop and about 5 minute walk from the train stop. JASON

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