Thursday, August 5, 2010


We had a good visit with out friends. It was enjoyable just to sit and talk about our ministries and how God has blessed. After church on Sunday we had a picnic at the park and then we took them to the walled city of Carcassonne where we walked around, saw jousting (video attached), and had ice cream. Monday we stayed home and let them walk around Limoux while we watched their kids. Tuesday we loaded everyone up and headed to the beach. We had a good time, except for the frequent wind gusts that sand blasted the kids. The water was freeezing. Wednesday, I worked on my lesson and then some friends from Carcassonne watched our kids for us while Angie and I went out. We did some shopping and them went out to eat some chinese food, which was very enjoyable. I am looking forward again to the Bible study this evening. I have news that some will attend. Micah has continued to do crazy things and say strange stuff. After bedtime a couple of nights ago, he got to use the restroom and came out with the kids toilet seat stuck over his head, it took some effort to get off. Yesterday, I asked him how many days are in a week, he answered, "One". Wanting to help out I said, no, days, like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thur. . .How many are there? He answered, "Tuesday". I gave up. Attached is some pictures of good times with out friends at the walled city and battling the wind at the beach. God bless, JASON

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