Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mission Vacances

Things are passing by quickly. Saturday ended up being the hotest day so far this year, with temperatures over 100 F. Thankfully things have cooled off some. Angie seemed to do well with a fan and some ice packs when it warmed up inside. Sundays services were good, all the family was present. We enjoyed a restful afternoon as I think most of the family enjoyed a nap. Monday ran errands around town, grocery shopping and picking up things that we needed for the hospital. Angie had a list of things that she had to provide for herself and the baby. Some things were hard to translate, others hard to find. Tuesday, I helped at the Bible Exposition that morning and came home to work on my lesson. I attended the Bible STudy in Carcassonne that evening and was able to meet the group from United Beach Mission (Mission Vacances in French) who has come to help with outreach and evangelisation in Carcassonne and in Limoux. Today I finished my lesson for next week, had the language session with Cédric, and went to the open air preaching at the walled city of Carcassonne. I handed out some tracks and was able to meet some interesting people during the meeting. Tommorrow I will go pick up a fold out bed from some friends of ours and then pick up some maps for the group coming to Limoux on Friday. We will have the bible study at our house as planned. After the outreach Friday, we will finish preparations for my parents arrival on Saturday afternoon. I am looking forward to seeing them again as is the rest of the family. Attached picture is of Lilia and Caleb washing dishes. God bless, JASON

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