Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Parents have arrived.

Bible Study was good Thursday evening. Friday the Mission Vacances team came to Limoux and we did some evangelism in Limoux. I stayed at the market and helped man a Bible Stand. In the afternoon we knocked doors in Magrie. It was a success in that we let people know that we are here. I do not expect there to be a line of people at our house next thursday, but maybe God will lead on or two our way. I met my parents at the airport Saturday afternoon. That had a long day of travel. We made the three hour drive back home from the Airport and a quick supper everyone went off to bed. They enjoyed the services at Carcassonne, one of the members of Mission Vacances team spoke and did a great job. We just got back from taking a quick walk with my parents. Attached picture is my parents sitting next to a large stack of Baby clothes that they brought, clothes that were donated by family in the States. Lilia is enjoying looking through them. God bless, JASON

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