Friday, August 13, 2010


Hello again. We have had a great week so far. I have been helping with the Bible Exposition in Carcassonne. It is a exposition of antique Bibles and other items of interest concerning the Bible. I will post pictures of the exposition in the next post. Monday evening we enjoyed the aperatif with our neighbors, they are a really sweet couple and I hope that they will start coming to the Bible Study. I sent off some invitations to give out to others with information concerning the Bible Study. I will attach the front page. Caleb was sick with fever Tuesday, Micah joined him Wednesday, and Andrew, Thursday. Nothing serious, just kind of like what happened a few weeks ago, a slight fever for a few days and then nothing. We did make it to the beach with our friends from language school Tuesday. It was a pretty day for it. There was very little wind and so the sand wasn't a problem. Probably for that same reason the beach was crowded. Tuesday and Wednesday morning I was at the Bible Exposition. Wednesday evening we had supper with the new pastor in Carcassonne and his family. Thursday, since the kids were feeling all poorly and several others were out on vacation, we called off the Bible Study. I started moving Lilia and Caleb into their new room, which was finished on Monday. They seem excited to be sharing a room together, and I hope that it will draw them closer together. Today I started painting our bedroom, just one wall to see how many coats of paint it will take. Angie is in Carcassonne, first babysitting so a friend can go to the doctor, and then going to the doctor herself for what could be her last checkup before the baby arrives. She may also do some shopping. We realized recently that we have no baby stuff. This hasn't happened since Lilia was born almost eleven years ago. Andrew was 18 months when we came to France so most of the baby stuff was sold or given away. We have had a lot given to us, but still need to pick up some things. So here I am watching the kids and working on getting several things done as well. Speaking of watching the kids I had better check to see if anyone is playing in a room with a freshly painted wall. Very tempting for young boys. God bless, JASON

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