Saturday, August 21, 2010

God will know his own.

I had a good language session with Cédric this morning. I asked him about his trip to Israel in 2007. It sounded like a lot of fun. We laughed quite a bit when he mentioned bringing a sword home for a sovenir for a friend. He brought it in his carry-on. For supper Thursday I had the desire to make some Gumbo (pictured). For those who might not know, gumbo is a Cajun dish, essentially all the leftover meats and vegetables thrown in with some rice. It turned out good. We had 6 join us for the bible study which was great. Vacation season seems to be winding down. Thursday Caleb and I went to rinse off the car and then to pick up an armoire from our friends house here in Magrie. It would not fit in the car so it went on the luggage rack. Some rope and a waterhose later, we brought it home. Soon after getting that unloaded here at the house we headed off for the town of Béziers (Bay zee ay). We met a lady there who had sold us the outfits. It was a good deal and we enjoyed the hour and a half drive in the car to get there. It was warmer yesterday and so the drive in the a/c was nice. Béziers was a pretty town. Many years ago the Catholics laid seige to the town because of the Cathars that were living there. It is from here that a famous saying was made by an Catholic Abbott when asked how to tell the Catholics in the town from the Cathars. He said, "Kill them all, God will know his own". An estimated 20,000 were killed, several thousand inside a church that was burned. (Pictured is the renovated and repaired church). I will be working at the Bible Exposition this evening. Church in Carcassonne tomorrow. Tuesday a group called "Mission Vacances" will be arriving to do some evangelisation in the area working mainly with the church in Carcassonne, they will be coming to Limoux for a day to do outreach as well. I am looking forward to working with them as time permits. I enjoyed the time last year as well. I will also be making final preparations for my parents and for our new addition to arrive. The final picture is a waterway crossing in Béziers, near where the Canal du Midi crosses the Orb River. God bless, JASON

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