Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Preparing for School

We had another good weekend. Saturday night I assisted at the Bible Exposition. I have included several pictures. Seems every day there are several that enter and give us to opportunity to get to know them and usually they leave with some tracts and/or bibles. Services were good Sunday. Caleb woke up with a bad cough so Angie stayed home with him and Andrew. She didn't mind to bad, because she is at the point where she is uncomfortable most of the day. The last few days we finished getting Lilia and Caleb's room in shape. We bought all the kids school supplies and got the all labeled with their names and packed in their backpacks. Tuesday morning I watched over the Bible Exposition. I got to meet and speak with a former member of the church who was visiting from England. Today we had some friends from Carcassonne eat lunch with us. I finished up a sermon today. I am a couple weeks ahead for the Bible Study, so I decided to prepare a full fledge sermon this week, which I really enjoyed. My lesson is ready for Thursday, it will be the second in the series of the sermon on the mount. Tomorrow I will have my French conversation hour. Some of our regulars are back in town so we should have several at the Bible Study. Friday we are meeting someone to pick up some clothes that Angie bought off of She got some real good deals 52 items for about $100. The boys will have some nice school clothes. Enjoy to rest of your day. God bless, JASON


nofacegirl said...

I bet France must be beautiful.

abainfrance said...

Yes it is beautiful.