Saturday, July 31, 2010


Tuesday and Wednesday were spent preparing a lesson for the Bible Study and helping Angie keep the house running. The cool weather has ended for a few days. Wednesday, I had another good conversation with Cédric, my language helper, concerning his beliefs. Thursday Caleb and I went an visited a couple who are members of the church in Carcassonne, they live about an hour south of us. It was a nice drive and we had a really good visit. They have a pull out bed that they are going to pass on to us. They loaded us up with all kinds of good stuff; cakes, cookies, jelly, honey, fresh eggs. . . Nobody came to the bible study last night. Vacations, working late, and visitors kept everyone occupied. Friday evening we watched Toy Story 3 with our kids and some friends. It was great, even better in French. Before the movie started I saw a preview for a movie called the "schtroumpf", it ended up being the smurfs. I can't believe they are making a movie based on this old Saturday morning cartoon. Today we have some friends arriving. They were language school classmates of ours that we haven't seen in two years. We are looking forward to having a good weekend with them. They plan on leaving Tuesday. I went shopping this morning, finished my monthly report (just waiting on the proofreading), and cleaned around the house some. I'd better get the guest room ready. Attached pictures are Lilia and Caleb playing DS and Andrew and Micah playing with some toys that arrived in a package from their grand-parents. Thanks for reading and God bless, JASON

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