Monday, July 12, 2010

The bat.

This weekend was great. Saturday morning I was able to straighten the yard up. In the afternoon we decided to all go to the welcoming service for the new pastor. We hurried to get everyone ready, but made it on time. The services were good. There were about 50 people present. The sermons were good, applicable and well presented. We had good fellowship afterwards, so much that we ended up staying there four hours in all, even without air conditioning. We met a couple with whom I attended language school. We met several pastors from Toulouse who were a big help and encouragement. There were also several pastors from the UK. Since it ended up being so late, we grabbed McDonalds on the way home. The kids didn't seem to mind. Sunday services in Carcassonne went well as well. Afterwards we ate at a church members house with many other guests. We left there stopped by the house to change and then went to visit Brigitte, a lady who come to our bible study here. The visit went well. She has two horses and our kids all had a turn being led around on them. Her daughter is pursuing a career in working with horses. We enjoyed the visit, they live in a nice village just a few miles south of us. It was nice as well that some clouds arrived to cool things off a little while. In fact Friday night, I had the windows and doors open after dark to allow a breeze to blow through and cool things off. A bat entered the house. It made circles in our living room and kitchen for a while before I was able to lure him out using the outdoor lights. I thought later, we could have keep him and allowed him to eat the mosquitos that came in. Thankfully all the kids were asleep and Angie remained calm during the event.
In my Dad's blog he mentioned having a dream, and in the dream he was the man who God wanted him to be. Who can read it for yourself by clicking here. That got me thinking about what I would be if I did exactly what God wished for me everyday. The messages from this past weekend have spoken to me as well. There are several areas in my life that need to be improved if I am going to be the father, husband, minister, and Christian that God wants me to be. Attached picture was taken in Massy, near Paris, on our survey trip to France in 2006. To me it seems that I have changed since then. I hope that I can continue to change to be more and more like Jesus Christ, whom I serve. God bless, JASON

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