Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday already.

Time has been flying by this month. I had a good language session with Cedric Wednesday. We discussed a lot about the Bible and what he believes. We had two come for the bible study Thursday. The person who we rent from came (I forget the title for the person who ownes the home you rent) and painted the new room. We should have the floor done in early August. We have been blessed with getting some free furniture recently including baby bed, dresser, and day bed. Thursday Caleb came down with a slight fever, Saturday the other two boys had it as well. There seems to be no other symptoms in the two youngest, just a slight fever. We have been giving them medicine and keeping them indoors. Lilia and I went to church Sunday. The services went well and there were some guests. The weather continues to be cool. Let me speak on Angie's behalf when I say, "Praise the Lord!". The date for the baby's birth will be Aug. 31. Angie has gone today to schedule the Anesthesiologist. She also got to tour the hospital where she will spend about 6 days. We have some former classmates of ours visiting us this weekend that we are looking forward to seeing. I have finished preparing a handout with information about our Bible Study and have emailed it out to be proofread. Attached picture is the French countryside with sunflowers in the background. God bless, JASON


Missionary Rider said...

Landlord, Jason. The person you rent from is called a landlord.

abainfrance said...

Voilà, Thanks!