Tuesday, July 6, 2010


The Paris trip went well. We enjoyed the drive. As normal we take out time, stop every two hours or so and let everyone stretch. We saw some interesting sights on the road. We saw a corvette pulling a camper trailer, and a truck carrying two olive trees that looked a hundred years old. We said goodbye to some friends and met some new ones. The theme seemed to be something that I heard another missionary mom say to her kids, "Tell them good-bye, you will probably never see them again". That seems to be the case sometimes. After our return we received news that one of Angie's uncles had passed away. Evidently he had taken some pain pills from a friend that conflicted with some prescriptions that he was on and he passed away in his sleep. A reminder of the fragility of life, I spoke at his wifes funeral a few years ago. She passed away as a result of an aneurism. Do pray for their family who is dealing with this unexpected loss. The summer vacation is off to a start. Caleb and I went to Carcassonne to meet the new pastor and his family and also do some shopping. The other time was spent working in the yard and catching up with the office work. I made an attempt at making a special desert for the kids last night, a strawberry chocolate milkshake. After I passed it out to the excited kids, the first reaction came from Caleb, who said, "Berk (French), this tastes like beach sand". After sampling myself, he was exactly right. I do not know why the salt container ressembles so closely the sugar container. Attached picture is Lilia with her friends. God bless, JASON


Stacie said...

Poor babies! Did you remake it with sugar or was that all you had? At least Angie didn't try it. That might have brought on morning sickness.

abainfrance said...

That was all I had, they had to settle for something else. But after the "beach sand" there were not any complaints.