Sunday, January 3, 2010

Twenty Ten

The New Year was kicked off well. We enjoyed bringing in the New Year with a couple from Carcassonne. We started this year off in prayer. Wise considering what all we will have going this new year. Last week we did receive boxes from my parents and from my sister and brother-in-law. That made for two more Christmas celebrations during the week. We enjoyed getting them and are truly thankful for them. The gift from my parents had been opened and searched, I would imagine in wake of the recent bomb scare on a flight. Last week was dificult week of culture shock for me personally. I found myself not even trying to comunicate in good French several times. Thankfully a New Year has been started. Yesterday we took the kids to McDonalds, with Angie being sick and then the holidays, it has been over a month and a half since we had gone out to eat. Afterwards we enjoyed a good talk with my younger sister and her husband on skype. Kids will be back in school Monday. I will be bringing the lesson at the prayer meeting the next two weeks as the pastor in Carcassonne will be traveling. Also Friday will be our first home bible study, Lord willing. I am working on an introduction to the Bible. I pray that God will bless this Bible Study. As well I have email a request for someone to be my French Conversation partner, I hope to receive a repy soon. Evidently I am in need of help with French (even my kids remind me of this). The picture is of us opening the box from my parents. God bless, JASON

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