Saturday, January 16, 2010

First Bible Study

We had our first Bible Study last night. It went real well. Only one other couple came, but we were thrilled all the same. There were some conflicts with other activities happening on Friday nights, so we will most likely have it Thursday next week. We have wonderful time of singing praises to God, pray and looking at God's Word as a whole. I am excited about the future. Attached a couple of pictures taken during the evening. Lilia and Caleb sat in on the bible study and read scriptures. Caleb even took a turn praying in French during the prayer time. Today we are helping the lady next door move some items. She is the daughter of our landlord. She is moving to Carcassonne. I am already praying for the next family who will be moving in there. It will be a wonderful chance to build a relationship with someone. The lady next door has given us some wonderful pieces of furniture that will not fit in her new house. She has also passed along some outside toys that our kids will love. We are also busy getting ready for tommorrow. Angie is teaching Sunday school for the younger kids, meaning Andrew, Micah, and Caleb. I am leading the song service, making announcments, and scripture reading. I am looking forward to it. God bless, JASON

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