Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thawed out.

The snow finally stopped falling late Saturday night. We ended up with over 7 inches. It was nice while it lasted. Sunday, Angie and the kids stayed home, while I walked to the car and braved the icy roads to go to the church in Carcassonne. I really enjoyed the servcies. Their current pastor will be retiring soon and his replacement was visiting Sunday. I enjoyed hearing him speak. He will be moving here in June and we have offered him to stay in our house if needed while he is trying to locate one for him and his family. Tuesday he came and visited in the morning with us. I am really impressed with him and looking forward to getting to know him and his family better. We are trying to decide our plans for returning to the states. We do not know if we will leave mid-june and stay to the end of August, or if we will May and stay to July. We received a Christmas package from Angie's parents today. Loaded with fudge and other goodies. Angie has gone shopping with Lilia, January is a month of sales on almost everything. I am hoping that we will have the Bible study this Friday. I am giving an introduction to the Bible. I also pray that we will have a good number come. I heard this morning of the large Earthquake in Haïti, our prayers go out to all who are affected by this tragedy. Tomorrow I am giving the prayer meeting at the church in Carcassonne since the pastor has taken a short trip to England. Sunday I will lead the services and Angie will teach the younger kids Sunday school. Attached picture is the kids playing a board game. Enjoy the day that God has given you. God bless, JASON

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