Thursday, January 21, 2010

Change of Plans

It is not always a bad thing when plans change. This is very true in the case of Christians. When an unseen change occurs, you at once realize that this was the plan of God and occasionally you can even begin to see why as time progresses. We have changed our plans quite a bit recently. I can not begin to share with you all the ways that God has used this to his will and for our good. We now plan on returning to the US in February until April. This will be easier because the kids will miss less school, Angie will be traveling less pregnant, and it will be cheaper to fly this time of year. The only negative aspect is that it is short notice.
Tuesday I spent all day preparing the lesson for tonight. It was a lesson that I prepared during Seminary, but it still took all day to get it written in French. Wednesday, we started planning out the trip back to the states. Lilia and Caleb had swimming and in the afternoon, Angie went shopping. We had a friend over that evening to practice the music for the bible study. Today is final preparation for the Bible study.

We are looking forward to being back in the states. As of this moment I think I will enjoy the temperature differences the most. The purpose of this trip is not only to see family and friends but also to visit churches and pick up some more support. We have lost a couple of supporters over the last two years and we will also need more funds to support the growing ministry that we have. If you are interested in having us come to your church please contact us early so that we can manage our time well. We will miss being here, as this feels like home as well. We look forward to seeing some of you soon. The attached picture was taken the day before we left to come to France. God bless, JASON

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