Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Andrew got shot.

The weeks is off to a good start. Angie took Lilia and Caleb to the Dr. yesterday to get their vaccinations. When they returned I asked Andrew how the Doctors visit went. He said, "He shot me". Lilia and Andrew each got one shot. I was amazed to find out that Andrew didn't cry. He watched the doctor do it and when it was over he said, "That didn't hurt very bad." Yesterday I finished the rough draft for the bible study. Of course I will constantly be revising it and changing things. Today I will work on the lesson for the prayer meeting in Carcassonne.
Let me mention for those who may not know, my former pastor Harold Davis is near death. Doctors are saying it could be just weeks away. Bro. Davis, as I always called him, was my pastor the first 16 years of my life. He was a great preacher, he could take the most complicated passages and explain them in the simplest way. At a young age he preached a sermon about hell. I realized that I was headed for that horrible place and spoke to my father afterwards about. My dad explained the way to avoid hell and gain heaven, by turning away from our sin and turning towards Jesus. Afterwards we went and talked with Bro. Davis in his office and he used his trademark quarter illustration to illustrate that once saved, always saved. He baptized me soon afterwards. My father has a website created that has his sermons. He preached through books of the bible and many are already on the website. They make good resources for pastors and christians around the world. You can visit it by clicking here. It is possible that I could be back in the states in time for his funeral, but in either case, I will see him again. The picture is of Bro. Davis and my father a few years ago. I'll end with quoting Bro. Davis words, "We cannot stop Armageddon from coming, but we can flee now to find a place of safety for our souls. Every man, woman, boy and girl in the world ought to flee to the cross and trust, call, upon the Lord Jesus Christ for the salvation of the soul. I would like to give a special warning to all who are unsaved: Get ready today just as if you knew that Jesus would come today. Look to Jesus right now in prayer and ask Him to save you. I would like to give a special appeal to all who are saved: Get just as busy for the Lord today as you would if you knew that Jesus would come today. Look to Jesus right now in prayer and ask Him to help you to live for Him. Ask Him to use you in His service." God bless, JASON

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